02 May, 2018

Special Seats Available to Cheer for “China Power” at 2018 Diamond League Shanghai Presented by SAIC Motor

Diamond League Shanghai presented by SAIC Motor announced today that they will designate hundreds of seats near finish line as ‘China Power’ stand, enabling the audience to cheer for their home athletes.

The second meeting of Diamond League, which will be held on May 12 in Shanghai, will see the best Chinese athletes amidst of a long list of world icons including winners of Olympic Games and World Championship and remarkable world record holders.

The home team will compete in all 16 disciplines, consisting of Su Bingtian and Xie Zhenye in Men’s 100m dash, Gong Lijiao in Women’s Shot Put, Xue Changrui, Huang Bokai and Yao Jie in Men’s Pole Vault, Xie Wenjun in Men’s 110m Hurdles, Gao Xinglong, Huang Changzhou and Shi Yuhao in Men’s Long Jump and Lv Huihui in Women’s Javelin Throw.

The China Power Seats is located at Stand #7 where is very close to the finish line, a good guarantee for viewing and cheering for track disciplines.

Meantime, it is also the best location for throwing disciplines, such as shot put and javelin throw. The leading characters of these two disciplines in China, former meeting champion Gong Lijiao and Lv Huihui will march for the trophy this year. Both of them are the holders of Shanghai meeting record. The owner of 2017 Diamond Trophy of women shot put, Gong aims to win the first medal for China in Shanghai in 2018. Lv, the medalist of 2017 World Championships and Asian recorder holder of javelin throw, is also a very competitive potential to win medal in Shanghai.

The affordable price for each seat at the special stand is only RMB80, and will include an additional special ticket folder and a commemorated edition T-shirt. The ticket, same as all the other tickets, will allow free subway transportation thanks to the joint efforts of Diamond League Shanghai and Shanghai Metro to promote green transportation and low carbon lifestyle.

The tickets will be available via either www.jussicketss.com, or hotline 8621-962123.