13 May, 2018

Post-Meeting Press Conference Quotes

Shaunea Miller-Uibo

“I know with the quality of the field that some of the girls would finish off strong so that was a major thing for me.



Gong Lijiao (CHN) – Women’s shot put winner with 19.99m

On her victory after recovering from injury earlier this year: 

I’m actually quite surprised I could finish first because I didn’t perform really well. My best results are more than 20 metres and that was my ambition tonight. I will have to throw further later in the season.

“As I’ve reached the latter half of my professional career I’ve been suffering from injuries. Also, one of the challenges I’m facing now is that I’ve had a new coach for the last three months and we’re still working out a simple training plan for me.”

On whether she will celebrate with her mother tomorrow (Sunday), which is Mother’s Day:

“Tomorrow I will be heading off to a training camp and my mother will go back to her home town so we can’t be together. We would like to go shopping in Shanghai but we can’t this time.

“I was surprised that my mother appeared here today. As a daughter I should go to her instead of having her come to me.”


Reece Prescod (GBR) – Men’s 100m winner in 10.04

On his unexpected victory in the rainy conditions:

“I’ve been training well in the UK, working on my start and my race model. So to come out today and execute what I’ve been training on is a really good thing.

“When it comes to the rain, I train in the east midlands in England and it’s always raining and it can be about four or five degrees. So to race in Shanghai where it’s really hot and humid, the rain here is not going to bother me.”


Su Bingtian (CHN) – 2nd place Men’s 100m in 10.05


On the high quality of the men’s 100m line-up:

“The line-up for tonight was very competitive. You can see all the other athletes have very good personal bests but you can’t perform your PB in every race and that’s what we saw today.

“I always cherish opportunities like this to race top athletes from other countries. I will try to learn something from today.”

On his performance in the race:

“I hoped to run faster than I did last year (10.09), but today it was raining and we were running against the wind so I didn’t expect to finish faster. I’m really surprised and excited and happy. This result will give me a lot of confidence for coming events.”

On whether he will celebrate with his mother tomorrow (Sunday), which is Mother’s Day:

“As you all know I’m expecting a child in two months so I would like to spend Mothers’ Day with the mother-to-be, who is my wife. When we become parents we know we will be entering a new stage of life and have a lot to learn.

“I hope that my child, whether a girl or boy, will be a blessing for my mum.”


Omar McLeod (JAM) – Men’s 110m Hurdles winner in 13.16

On winning in Shanghai for the third year in succession:

“I think it must be the food here, all the fried race. Seriously, though I really love this meet. This is my favourite meet, especially because of the love and appreciation and respect they show for hurdlers here, thanks to Lui Xiang.

“I always make a point of coming out here to put on a show. I didn’t know what to expect because this is my first race and I’ve been dealing with injuries a lot.

“So I was happy I was able to make it happen. I was happy to come out here and three-peat.”

On how important it was to get off to a good start:

“I haven’t had the ritual start to my season that I normally have, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Last week I had to pull out of Doha with an adductor. I was reluctant to run here and really scared to go, but I just leaned on faith and said, ‘No, I have to try and see what happens.’

“So this win was really important. It was a reassurance that I love what I do. It’s an off year this year, so it’s hard to stay focused and have that will and drive through the season to August.

“Now, I want to have fun and to keep the winning streak going as long as I can.”


Shaunae Miller-Uibo (BAH) – Women’s 200m winner in 22.06


On how she feels about her victory:

“I am pretty excited about my race. My main aim was to get a good start off the curve and I think I did a pretty good job doing that. It’s something we’ve been working on.

“I know with the quality of the field that some of the girls would finish off strong so that was a major thing for me.

“But I always have a lot of fun in these races. The conditions were perfect for me – the rain didn’t affect me at all.”


Renaud Lavillenie (FRA) – winner Men’s pole vault with 5.81m


On making a winning start as he chases his eighth Diamond League trophy:

“Well, it’s a bit different now because they changed the rules so it doesn’t matter what you do during the season, it’s just about being the winner in Zurich or Brussels. So I can’t say this victory confirms anything, but my goal is to stay focused for every competition.

“I have the European Championships which is way more important this summer and then two weeks later I will be competing for the trophy. Then I will do my best to win number eight, but it is a different way of jumping now.

“Today, I am just happy to be back winning here again. The last time was 2014 so it’s been a long time.”